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Message to AETDEW Fellows from the President


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Message to AETDEW Fellows from the President

10 August 2017

Dear AETDEW Fellows,

1.0 AETDEW Inaugural General Meeting 16 May 2017

It was with great satisfaction that the AETDEW inaugural general meeting was successful held on 16 May 2017 in Kuala Lumpur after some three years of preparation to get AETDEW organised and registered in Malaysia. I thank all of

you for your confidence in electing me as the first AETDEW President. The minutes of the General Meeting has been circulated by AETDEW Secretary General Dato Dr. Samsudin Tugimen who is also the Chairman of ISTIC Governing Board.

AETDEW Inaugural General Meeting 16 May 2017 Kuala Lumpur

certificates of membership for each AETDEW member. You have also been asked to provide some details for your AETDEW namecard. AETDEW bank account has been open with my financial donation of RM 25,000.0. As the most important engineering and technology initiative for social and economic development for the whole developing world in the 21st Century is the One Belt One Road Initiative of China, I deem it the most important mission for AETDEW to work for the success of OBOR programmes.

2.0 AETDEW Chinese Fellows Meeting Beijing 4 July 2017

Taking advantage of the visit to Beijing for the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) Science Education Program (SEP) Forum in Beijing 3-4 July 2017, AETDEW Council members Mustafa El Tayeb and Manzoor Soomro and AETDEW Fellow from Pakistan Athar Osama accompanied me in meeting with AETDEW Chinese Fellows in Beijing on 4 July 2017. I appealed to all Chinese Fellows to help AETDEW to work for the success of OBOR Initiative. The response was most positive.

Meeting with Chinese AETDEW Fellows in Beijing 4 July 2017

International Cooperation Centre Beijing 5 July 2017

Through the good services of AETDEW Fellow Zhong Yixin who was a delegate to the One Belt One Road Summit Forum, 14-15 May 2017 Beijing, a meeting with the China Development and Reform Commission International Cooperation Centre (NDRC ICC) that is in charge of OBOR International Cooperation Programs, was held on 5 July 2017.

AETDEW Meeting with China NDRC ICC Beijing 5 July 2017

After mutual briefing about NDRC ICC and AETDEW/ISTIC, the meeting agreed on cooperation in OBOR human resource capacity building.In prelimainary discussion of the MOU betwwen ICC and AETDEW,AETDEW put forward the following programs:

• Miantaenace of Infrastructure in line with OBOR core agenda in building inclusive infrastructure in OBOR countries. From ISTIC’s priority agenda on maintenance of infrastructure trainining, there is urgent need to set up Infrastructure Maintenance Training facilities in OBOR

3 .economic life of the infrastructure must be the responsibility of the country itself. AETDEW suggests establishment of regional training centres as a start. Due to infrastructure projects in many sectors in Pakistan under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Pakistan is a natural choice. Malaysia and Sudan should also be considered.

• Accreditation of Engineering Education Qualifications to International Standards to facilitate the mobility of engineers and technicians in OBOR countries. We can build on the successful program by UNESCO Asia Pacific/FIEAP (Federation of Engineering Institutions in Asia and the Pacific/ISTIC to promoting accreditation of engineering qualifications to FIEAP Education Guidelines in Asia and the Pacific from Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan and Tajikistan to Nigeria,Africa and Peru, South America. AETDEW Fellow, Liu Xila, FEIAP President Elect informed the meeting that FEIAP will continue to

promote this program with support from universities in China including the Yunnan University.

• The Fusion of OBOR Civilizations School Curriculum Design for school children in OBOR countries from preschool upwards. This is to enable young children to appreciate other civilizations hopefully making them agents of change for world peace and harmony. This is in line with

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s opening speech at the OBOR Summit Forum in Beijing 14 May 2017 that the Silk Road is a Road connecting

Civilizations. It is also a Road for Peace.For background information, download my presentation in Beijing.


AETDEW Delegation to NDRC ICC (L to R) Zhong Yixin, Mustafa El Tayeb, Lee Yee

Cheong, Liu Xila, Manzoor Soomro

Taking advantage of being a speaker at the UNESCO International Conference on ICT and Education 2030 in Qingdao, China 10-11 July 2017, I visited Qingdao University at the invitation of AETDEW Fellow, Shao Fengjing,former Vice President of the University. She has volunteered to be AETDEW Webmaster with AETDEW website located in her Institute for Big Data and Smart City. I met the University President Fan Yuejin and Vice President Xia Dongwei who both welcomed further cooperation with AETDEW.For the AETDEW website, I would urge all Fellows to send to the AETDEW Secretariat your up to date biodata with a recent photograph.

Visit to Qingdao University with President Fan (on my right), Vice President Xia (First

Left) and AETDEW Fellow Shao (Second Right)