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minutes of inaugural annual general meeting


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1. Dato’ Ir. (Dr.) Lee Yee Cheong FASc - Chairman

2. Dato’ Dr. Samsudin Tugiman FASc – Secretary General

3. Dato' Dr. Sharifah Maimunah Syed Zin

4. Ir Choo Kok Beng

5. Datuk Ir. Rosaline Ganendra

6. Prof Emeritus Dr. Yong Hoi Sen

7. Ir. Dr. Lee Sze Wei

8. Professor Dr. Sein Myint

9. Professor MU Rongping

10. Zhao Shuying

11. Dr. Mustafa El-Tayeb

12. Dr. Shahbaz Khan

13. Prof. Wu Qidi

14. Prof. Manzoor Soomro

15. Dr. Naji Al-Mutairi

16. Dr. Jummai Umar-Ajijola

17. Dr. Denis Nkala

18. Dr. Marlene Kanga (AETDEW Foreign Fellow)

19. Dr. Maha Eldesouki (Observer)


Dato’ Ir. (Dr) Lee Yee Cheong FASc

1. Dr. Lidia Brito

2. Dr. William Padolina

3. Ass. Prof. Dr. Amal Amin Ibrahim

4. Prof. Tikki Pangestu

5. Prof. Calestous Juma

6. Cdr. Arvin Poothia

7. H.E Nico Barito

8. Prof. Dr. Halimaton Hamdan

9. Prof. Harold Ramkissoon

10. Dr. Meas Sokhom

11. Dr. Raslan Ahmad

12. Dr. Moneef Zou'bi

13. Prof. Dr. Arun Kulshreshtha

14. Olfa Mahjoub

15. Heru Dewanto

16. Kris Gopalakrishnan

17. Dr. Crispus Kiamba

18. Goolam Mohamedbhai

19. Daya Reddy

20. Dr.Sameera Arshad

21. Khairiyah Mohd Yusoff

22. Dr. Abdul Sattar Al-Taie

23. Jessica Pizarro C.

24. Romulo R. Agatep

25. Javier Carvajal Barriga, PhD

26. Xila Liu

27. Peregrina Morgan Lora

1.0 Welcome by the Chairman

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming all members present. He then bid a special welcome to Prof. Zhou Shuying from China and Dr. Marlene Kanga, President elect WFEO. He also informed the meeting that the following persons have accepted the invitation to be AETDEW Honorary Fellows and Foreign Fellows:

Honorary Fellows:

1         HE Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General

2         Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah AO, Chairman, Sunway Corporation Malaysia

Foreign Fellows

1.         Prof. Jeffry Sachs –  Advisor to UN Secretary General on SDGs

2.         Prof. Sonia Sachs –  Director of Health Millennium Villages/ISTIC Governing Board member

3.         Dr Chung KunMo, Former Minister of S&T, Korea

4.         Prof. Bruce Albert – Former President Obama Science Envoy to Indonesia

5.         Dr. Deborah Wince-Smith – President, US Council of Competitiveness

6.         Dr. Park Youngah – Former KISTEP President, Korea

7.         Dr Marlene Kanga, President Elect WFEO, Australia

8.         Guillermo Fernandez , President FUMEC/ISTIC Governing Board member, Mexico

He also briefed the meeting on the history of AETDEW. The establishment of AETDEW was approved by ISTIC Governing Board in 25 May 2015 and ROS on 26 May 2016. Until this inaugural General Meeting, AETDEW governance was vested in the Founding Committee approved by the Registrar of Societies Malaysia (ROS). AETDEW will initially serve as an expanded international advisory council to ISTIC on matters related to engineering. AETDEW is unique since out of the 145 Founding Fellows 30% are woman and are younger than male Fellows.

2.0 Adoption of Provisional Agenda

The meeting agreed to the Provisional Agenda

3.0 Minutes of the Founding Committee Meeting

The meeting took note the Minutes of Meeting of the Founding Committee Meeting 2016 & 2017.

4.0 To Adopt AETDEW Constitution and Amendments

After due deliberation the meeting agreed to endorse the amended AETDEW Constitution as adopted by the Founding Committee.. The amended AETDEW Constitution will be submitted to ROS for approval.

5.0 To Adopt Rules and Procedures of AETDEW

The Rules and Procedures of AETDEW adopted by the Founding Committee was presented to the meeting. After due deliberation and discussion the meeting endorsed the Rules and Procedures of AETDEW

6.0 Election of Council Members

Based on the AETDEW Constitution the meeting elected the following Fellows to the AETDEW Council 2017-2019

1.            Dato’ Ir. (Dr) Lee Yee Cheong – President

2.            Prof. Wu Qidi – Deputy President

3.            Dato’ Dr. Samsudin Tugiman – Secretary General

4.            Ir. Choo Kok Beng – Treasurer

5.            Prof. Dr. Manzoor Somroo – Council Member

6.            Dr. Mustafa El-Tayeb – Council Member

7.            Datuk Ir. Rosaline Ganendra – Council Member

The three non Malaysian Council members, namely Wu Qidi, Manzoor Soomro and

Mustafa El-Tayeb will be submitted to ROS for approval.

7.0 Financial Matters

Currently AETDEW has no budget allocation. At the meeting, the following members have pledged to donate funds to AETDEW.

1.            Dato’ Ir. (Dr) Lee Yee Cheong    -      USD  5,000.00 (RM 25,000)

2.            Ir. Choo Kok Beng                  -      USD  2,500.00 (RM 12,500)

3.            Dr. Sein Myint                   - USD  2,500.00 (RM 12,500)

USD10,000.00  (RM 50,000)

The meeting thanked them for the contribution.

The meeting agreed to open a Bank Account for AETDEW. The jointly authorised signatories with the financial institutions are as follows :

1.            President                       :         Dato’ Ir. (Dr) Lee Yee Cheong

2.            Vice President              :         Prof. Wu Qidi (after approval from ROS)

3.            Secretary General        :         Dato’ Dr. Samsudin Tugiman

4.            Treasurer                      :         Ir. Choo Kok Beng

8.0 Proposed Programme 2018

The meeting was informed by the Chairman that the programmes of AETDEW shall initially focus on capacity building in support of economic development under One Belt One Road (OBOR)Programme. At the initial phase AETDEW will focus on Maintenance of Infrastructure and Accreditation and Certification from Engineering Education Qualifications to FIEAP Education Standards of OBOR nations in collaboration with ISTIC, FIEAP and UNESCO Regional Science Bureau in Asia and the Pacific, Jakarta and most importantly with FIEAP national member from China and  organizations of AETDEW Fellows from China.

AETDEW Would also work closely with WFEO in its 50th years Anniversary programme; Buenos Aires Plan of Action (BAPA)+40 programmes with UNOSSC and any UN and UNESCO Programs on the SDGs and South-South Cooperation.

9.0 Internal Auditor

The meeting appointed the following Fellows as Internal Auditors

1.            Prof Emeritus Dr. Yong Hoi Sen

2.            Ir. Dr Lee Sze Wei

10.0 External Auditor

The meeting agreed to authorise the Council of AETDEW to appoint the External Auditor.

11.0 Any Other Business

Zhou Shuying from China proposed for AETDEW to implement the following

a)        To establish an official website of our Academy (AETDEW).

b)        To issue a certificate for each fellow.

c)         To estabIish close relationship between AETDEW and The Belt and Road Office, Beijing.

d)        To set up a project guidelines every two years to show the needs of engineering and technology in the developing world.

12.0 Chairman Concluding Remarks

The Chairman thanked everyone for the successful inaugural general meeting of AETDEW. He looks forward to the support of all fellows of the future programmes of AETDEW

Prepared By :                                                                      Approved By :

DATO’ DR. SAMSUDIN TUGIMAN                                DATO’ IR (DR) LEE YEE CHEONG

Secretary General, AETDEW                                         President, AETDEW