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The Proposal from AETDEW Member Gained High Appreciation in Shanghai Time:2017/11/14

The Proposal from AETDEW Member Gained High Appreciation in Shanghai

November 8, 2017, the Academicians’ Roundtable Forum associated with the 19th International Industrial Expo was held in Shanghai Science Hall. 20 academicians and experts were invited and 200 colleagues were participated in the forum. Sitting on the chairs along the roundtable, there were former vice president of China Academy of Engineering (CAE), Prof. Pan Yunhe; member of CAE, Prof. Liu Jie; former chair of Shanghai Association for Science and Technology (SAST), member of CAE, Prof. Ye shuhua; and founding member of AETDEW, Prof. Zhong Yixin among others.

The aim of the forum is to solicit the suggestions from the academicians and experts over the very hot topic: how Shanghai should take the right position in the historical development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in China.

At the beginning of the forum, Prof. Pan Yunhe gave an introduction to the audience on the National State Council’s Planning on the New Generation of AI Development in China. And then, an active and long discussion was started. The conclusions of the discussion are summed up in the following three aspects, according to the report from the Academic Department of SAST.

1, Fundamental research of AI should be highly emphasized in Shanghai.

This was strongly proposed by Zhong yixin, member of AETDEW and professor from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT). He explained the high importance of the fundamental research on AI and suggested to set up the mechanism for cooperative research between Beijing and Shanghai.

2. AI should be combined with the traditional industries in Shanghai.

This was proposed by a big group of academicians and experts from Shanghai. They explained that the traditional industries in Shanghai are the strong points and that the association with AI will make the industries in Shanghai even stronger in the world.

3, Open data platform should be set up based on the big data in Shanghai.

This was proposed by another big group of academicians and experts from Shanghai. They pointed out the extremely big set of data in shanghai is the wealth of resources, helpful to the development of AI in Shanghai. For effectively utilizing the resources, the open data platform should soon be set up.

There had been many other good suggestions and opinions from the roundtable forum, said the SAST officials. They considered the suggestions very contributive to AI development in Shanghai and will thus make a systematic report to the Shanghai municipal government.