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China National Development and Reform Commission International Cooperation Centre/Academy of Engineering and Technology of the Developing World Time:2017/10/19

Memorandum of Understanding

WHEREAS the CHINA National Development and Reform Commission International Cooperation Centre (herein after referred to as NDRC ICC) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

WHEREAS the Academy of Engineering and Technology of the Developing World (herein after referred to as AETDEW) is an academy established under the laws of Malaysia with 150 eminent engineers, scientists and industrial leaders from G77 countries as members and with its Secretariat in the International Science, Technology and Innovation Center for South-South Cooperation, under the auspices of UNESCO (hereinafter referred to as ISTIC) acts as an international platform for G77 for South-South cooperation in science, technology and innovation.

Herein after AETDEW and NDRC ICC are referred to collectively as “the parties”.

Following friendly consultation, the parties agree on the following articles.


The purpose of this MOU is to provide a general framework to facilitate collaboration and cooperation between the parties in the fields mentioned in the article II below.


Within the framework of their respective missions, rules, procedures and available resources, the parties aim to cooperate in the following areas:

(1) “One Belt One Road Fusion of Civilizations” curriculum design for schools along “One Belt One Road (OBOR)” countries;

(2) Maintenance and Repair of Infrastructure training for OBOR engineers and technicians;

(3) Technopreneur training for innovators for promotion of SMEs in OBOR countries;

(4) Accreditation of engineering courses to international standards and certification of engineers and technicians in OBOR countries leading to mobility of engineers and technicians in OBOR countries;

(5) Distance learning and remote training via Internet for human capital development in digital skills and technologies in OBOR countries; and

(6) Any other cooperation programs mutually agreed.

Article III- Visits & Related Expenditures

The parties will provide necessary assistance for visiting personnel. Travel, accommodation, living and all hospitality costs will be defined in separate agreement for each joint project.

Article IV- Implementation

Implementation of cooperation shall be subject to the applicable laws and regulations of the host country of the joint project.

Article V- Duration of the MOU

This agreement written in English and in Chinese shall become effective from the date on which it is signed by the parties for a period of three years and may be renewed by mutual decision of both parties. Either party may request amendment and/or termination of the MoU by giving 90 days’ notice in writing of such intent. A possible termination will not have any effect on the projects or activities in progress unless otherwise agreed by both parties. It will be automatically prolonged for the next two years unless one party notifies the other of its intention to terminate the MoU.

Article VI- Settlement of Disputes

Any dispute or disagreement concerning interpretation or implementation hereof shall be resolved by consultation or negotiation between the parties in a friendly manner to their best effort.

Article VII- Confidentiality

Unless the written consent of the other Party is received, the text or symbol of cooperation between the parties in the signed Agreement shall be kept in confidentiality.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this Agreement to be executed in duplicate by their duty authorized representatives and each copy held by the parties.

China National Development and Reform            Academy of Engineering and

Commission International Cooperation Centre        Technology of the

Developing World

----------------------------------------------------           Dato Ir. Lee Yee Cheong